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We all like a nice floral to put us in the Spring spirit, and this Spring/summer, the patterns are set to be loud and bold . But, can a Lesser Mortal wear them without looking like a right Charlie round your local Tesco? As always, the high street does some great variations, and if you are a shrinking violet (yes – a pun intended!) I suggest a more tonal pattern, perhaps in a pastel shade. But remember, it’s early days yet, and we always feel a bit brighter and bolder when the sun comes out.

coast floral dress phase eight 2 floral dress ted baker floral dress

  1. Riya dress. Coast. £90. Sizes 6-18. Polyester/elastane. dry clean. What you can’t see here, is the fabulous electric blue zip which runs the length of the back. It also has forgiving ruching over the belly area, so it isn’t body-con. Suits a curvier figure, as without hips, it is too flappy round the thighs. Also has forgiving 3/4 length sleeves.
  2. Lisette dress. Phase Eight £99. Sizes 6-20. Made of slinky jersey, this will flatter a larger bust because it has a V-neck, but it also gathers under the bust line, so it shows a slimmer midriff. With gathers and ruching around the waist, it also disguises a jelly-belly!! Machine washable. Less likely to crease for holidays and if you like matching accessories, this has shrugs, and bags to match.
  3. Cocoa – roses on canvas print dress. Ted Baker. £169. Size 6-14. 100% polyester and hand washable. Again, this prefers a curvy figure, as it has wider hip measurements. The fabric is not so stretchy, so the bust may be a little tight for some ladies.

These dresses are good investments, as the bold colours will be kind to pale English skin tones. And really…as a Lesser Mortal, did you suddenly think you were going to develop a mediterranean glow over the summer? If on a budget, you can always wait for the sales…..

wallis floral top zara floral jeans

  1. Navy blue floral top. Wallis. £33, now reduced to £31.35. Sizes 8-20. Running low on some sizes. Polyester and machine washable. A fab little top which hides a multitude of sins. Dress up or down. If you are buying a cheaper top, go for bold colours, as I always think paler polyester tops can look cheap.
  2. 5 pocket printed trousers in sky blue. Zara. £29.99. Cotton Elastane. Size 6-16. Machine washable. A comfy stretchy trouser in a more subtle floral. As the material on these are quite thin, you may want a longer length top or shirt with this. (unless you have rock hard abs, in which case you aren’t very mortal!!)

ted  baker floral jacket river island floral jacket

  1. SAAMSA Electric daydream biker jacket. £179. Ted Baker. Polyester/elastane mix. Dry clean. Sizes 6-14. Don’t be put off by a bold jacket. For a start, you alway get compliments, as everyone else just has a dull plain one. But they are also much more stylish than a cardi!! Obviously, wear plainer T-shirts and jeans/trousers with it.
  2. Light pink daisy jacquard cropped jacket. £50. River Island. Size 6-18. Polyester and  metallic fibre. Dry Clean only. This is much more subtle if you are more wall flower than red hot poker! Again, ditch the cardi and look sharper with a throw-on jacket. This will also complement the pastel skirts coming through for the summer.

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Monochrome has been a fashion trend for the the last 6-8months and is still forecast to continue this Spring Summer. That’s great news for We Lesser Mortals of normal age, shape and income!! It’s a really wearable trend and readily accessible with the only downside being, that as the weather becomes brighter and sunnier (I know…hard to believe at the moment – but I’m sure you’ll be able to buy waders soon in monochrome) it can wash us out a bit, if we aren’t the sort who tans. If that’s the case, accessorising is the key to lifting the look with pops of colour in the form of belts, shoes and handbags, and if you’re brave, a bold lipstick. Here are some  ideas in the shops at the moment.

karen millen silhouette dress Somerset by Temperley

  1. Stretch texture print dress. £160. Karen Millen. Sizes 6-16. This picture doesn’t do the dress justice, as it uses the illusion of black and white side panels to create more of an hour glass figure. It is quite body con (i.e. very fitted) but not too clingy as the fabric is quite supportive. Awful if you are flt chested as it just squashes you down. Great if you aren’t too pear shaped or would like to create/accentuate curves. And very striking to look at. Polyamide, elastane and acetate mix.
  2. Monochrome dress, Somerset by Alice Temperley. £150. John Lewis. Sizes 6-18. 100% silk. Dry cleanable. A very flattering shape for pear shaped ladies or hour glass figures, with a nice flowing skirt and nipped in waist. The black panel at the top broadens shoulders.

mint velvet monochrome top topshop leggings 2014 monochrome

  1. Billie print top. £59. Mint Velvet at John Lewis. Sizes 6-18. Silk and viscose mix. I think the model is 5’10, so this will be a lot longer on shorter ladies, thus offering some coverage of the derriere region!!A lovely striking T shirt, which you can chuck on, but immediately look stylish. Zip opening at the back, and hand washable,
  2. Textured floral flock tregging. £30. Topshop. polyester elastane mix. machine washable. Obviously, I wouldn’t team this with a crop top, unless you are anything other than perfectly formed, so I would wear a longer top (maybe a silk shirt and high sandals for a night time look, or brogues and a viscose T shirt for a smart day time look). But these treggings are surprisingly unrevealing (i.e. fabric has a bit of weight behind it, not thin jersey) and comfortable for curling up on the sofa. I think they would be quite nice holiday wear with a crisp linen shirt.

reiss jumpsuit 2014 monochrome karen millen monochrome coat

  1. Snakeskin jumpsuit. £195.Reiss. sizes 4-14. 100% polyester. Handwashable. Just pushing your boundaries a bit here. Jumpsuits are very stylish, and apart from the – I need to take it all off to go to the loo issues- are easy and comfortable to wear. I am assuming you won’t be night clubbing in it, and therefore running the risk of trailing it on an undesirable toilet floor. Not many ladies embrace a jumpsuit, so when I wear mine, I feel different and eye-catching (for the right reasons). It’s definitely  a good one if you want to be different at a wedding. You can belt them in, or let it all hang out underneath! Watch out if you are petite or very tall. I don’t think I need to explain why??
  2. Graphic tweed pod coat. Karen Millen. £250. Sizes 6-16. Yes I know I seem to mention Karen Millen quite a lot at the moment, and no I don’t have shares….but they are doing some really stylish eye-catching pieces at the moment. This coat is quite big and shapeless, but that is intended. It may drown a petite lady and hide a curvy lady, but will be brilliant on a more apple shape, or a super tall slender frame.

So apologies if these are all a bit pricey, but there are tons of monochrome out there, with Next and Top Shop having a varied range.

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dries van noten fur aw2013

We’ve already talked about how texture has been very dominant this Autumn Winter, with trends in leather and tweed. Other textures showing in the shops are fur and feathers. Obviously it isn’t very ethical to wear real fur, unless you are happy to wear it when it’s a by-product of the food industry. Whatever your thoughts are on the subject, the cost of real fur means fake fur has to be a valid alternative. Still, when you look around the High Street, there are some sorry states of affairs out there. Why on earth would you want to wear cheap acrylic fur, where you can practically hear the static crackling as you hold the garment out to look at it? Many lovely items have been spoilt by this lack of attention to detail, and it can really drag the overall appearance of the garment down. My top tips for buying fake fur…

  1. Is it nice and soft and fluffy?
  2. Look for fur where you are getting a variety of lengths to the fibres, so it looks like there is a soft downy layer underneath the longer guard hairs.
  3. The longer fake fur hairs may be striped or not all the same colour, and that makes it look more natural.
  4. Leopard skin can never look real, so you have more of a tendency  to look like Pat Butcher……Step away from!!!

There are actually some lovely items available, but I have to say that one of my pet hates are parka jackets, found in all the high street shops, with fur trims that look like drowned cats.

Instead, here are some my ideas for full fur coats:

dotty P fake fur coat coast fur coat

  1. Cream longer length fur coat. Dorothy Perkins. Reduced from £69 to £62 (30% off a lot of items) It feels really nice and soft even though it is a mixture of acrylic and polyester. Dry Clean only. They are running out of sizes though. This style will hide wider hips, and the collar will broaden shoulders.
  2. Alfine fur coat. Coast. £125. A fabulous little short jacket, nice and soft, which will look great with party dresses, leather skirts and flared or skinny jeans. Great if you have long skinny legs, but it may make bust look big if you are well endowed.

monsoon swing coat karen millen fur jackets

If you just fancy a hint of fur, then the two above could be for you.

  1. Elena swing coat. Monsoon. £99. An empire line swing coat which will fit apple shaped bodies, as well as virtually every other body shape (petite, skinny etc). Dry clean only with detachable fake fur collar. They are running out of the pink on-line, so check in store. But it does come in black too.
  2. Glamorous neutral parka. Karen Millen. £195. The body of the jacket is polyester modacrylic. It has a quilted lining and detachable collar and it is washable.

If you still want to steer away from fake fur, then you can always accessorise, but be careful that these don’t look even cheaper. Some of the fur fur hats around look terrible!

mandS scarf copy 2

  1. Cosy fake fur scarf. Marks and Spencers. £25 Polester and acrylic and modacrylic. 2 colours are available,  but one may look more artificial than the other, so do check before you buy!

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carve oversized coat

Oversized and manly cut coats and jackets are a fashion statement this autumn, but if you are not shaped like a stick, and still in full time education, can you get away with them?

I’m afraid that unless you are relatively slim, the answer is no.

But fear not as there are loads of lovely alternatives out there, embracing the current colour trend for “pinks”. Watch out for the cheaper shaggy versions, which I think will pill, and make you look like you are wearing the dogs rug. Here are some I think will be good investments:

coast pink coat Jaegar boutique coat boden pink coat zara coat

From left to right, and top to bottom:

Coast £250 – this coat feels very Audrey Hepbourne

Jaegar Boutique £195 – this coat is beautiful, but quite sharp in colour

Boden £143 – a great classic, and already reduced to this affordable price

Zara £179 – maybe not great if you are standing round football pitches or being daubed with jammy fingers, but a subtle pale pink colour, which embraces the autumn winter pastel colour trend